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Warren McKean 'Sandy' Gordon

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The Future of my websites

Gordon-Durrenberger Websites

After 40 years of working on my family history, I have decided to retire this project. However, I want to make this information available to anyone who can use it.My Gordon-Durrenberger database contains over 14,000 individuals. At my age, passing on this work is a concern so I want to share this work sooner than later.Three sharing options1. Order a digital copy on a USB drive
2. Use Family Search or Ancestry.com
3. Request a copy of my gedcom file.

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View of Gatehouse of Fleet, home of my Gordon and McKean ancestors.

About the Project

Family History Journey

The Start -1985I started this Family History Project in 1985. After both of my parents passed away, I realized how little I knew of my family origins. All that I knew was the information on a few funeral cards of deceased family members which my parents had saved over the years.In 1985 I entered that information into an MS-DOS genealogy program and that started a lifetime hobby. I have used several genealogy programs over the years and most recently, The Master Genealogist.About MeI was born and raised in Little Falls, Minnesota, graduated from Cal State-Northridge in 1970 with a BS in Finance, served in the Army in Alaska, became a CPA while working with Peat, Marwick in 1976, and worked most of my career as a Chief Financial Officer for companies in Alaska and Washington. I have been married to my wife, Susan, for over 30 years and have two wonderful children, Rachel and Darren, who are now grown adults.In ConclusionI feel privileged to have been able to have the time and resources to continue this effort for almost 40 years. I have learned much about my family history, more than I ever expected. I have met many new friends as a direct result of my websites. In many cases, these new friends have been valuable contributors in my efforts to document the family history.

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Sandy Gordon

USB Drive - Available June 2024

1. Digital Copy

I made a USB drive that contains all the data and images from my four websites.The menu of the USB drive can be seen on this page.I have also included many old family photographs that I have accumulated and scanned over the years and the full gedcom file of all 14,000 individuals.The cost is $20 (Paypal or Venmo) and includes the USB drive and the shipping to you. I will donate the USB drive to any non-profit who wants one.Message me using the Email Form at the bottom of this page

USB Drive
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Data is searchable
Available May 2024

2. Online Research

Family Search

Two gedcom files will be uploaded to FamilySearch.org.They can be searched from the Main Menu. Under the Search Menu see Genealogies. You can search for specific trees using the keywords
"Minnesota Durrenbergers"
or "Gordon-Durrenberger".
These are called Pedigree Resource Files and my submitter ID is MMVC-17F
You can also search the FamilySearch Family Tree under the Search menu for people that I have documented on this tree. My ID is LXQL-Z52.This tree contains over 1.2 billion people.

Data is searchable
Available May 2024

2. Online Research


The full Gordon-Durrenberger gedcom file will be uploaded to Ancestry.com and will be included in Searches by including the Family Trees filter in your search results.

Gedcom file
Available May 2024

3. Download Gedcom

I will make two versions of my gedcom file available for download. One version includes all 14,000 individuals and the other includes only the Durrenberger side of the family, about 4,000 individuals.Send a message to me in the Email Form at the bottom of this page and explain your interest in the gedcom and I will send a private link to access the files in a Shared Folder on Google Drive - subject to my personal discretion.

Braeside, the home of James McKean and his family (3rd great grandfather) in Gatehouse of Fleet, built by him about 1851.

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To learn more, to order a USB drive, or to request a Gedcom, fill out the email form below.

Warren M. 'Sandy' Gordon, Sequim, Washington

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